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Colonoscopy is a non-surgical procedure. It involves the insertion of a flexible tube approximately the thickness of an index finger and 4-5 ft long. The end of the tube has a light source and is used to examine the insides of your colon and transmitting the images to a monitor or to the naked eye. The colonoscopy can be advanced to the end of the colon (also known as the cecum) and observe the mucosa to diagnose problems that could not otherwise be doneIt can also be used to take biopsies and remove polyps. The diagnoses could be colititis, small polyps, diverticula, texture of the colon ( pliable or stiff) and malignancy among many other possible diagnoses.

Colonoscopy requires that there be perpetration of a clear fluid the day before. The patient is also asked to drink a gallon of contrast medium the day before the procedure. The clearer the colon, the more that can be seen through the colonoscopy to make a diagnosis. Risks involved with this procedure may include the following: infection, bleeding if biopsies or polyps are removed, and possible perforation, where surgery may be required to repair the colon.

Some of these diagnoses can be made via a barium enema, where barium is placed in the colon and x-rays are taken . But often these tests may complement each other if there are any questions about a particular diagnoses.

Colonoscopy has several advantages over a barium enema. For example, small polyps can actually be visualized with colonoscopy. Inflammations, malignancies, malformation and even the texture of the mucosa can be clearly seen.
The best candidates for a colonoscopy:

•  Patients with rectal bleeding.

•  Patients with a strong family history of colon cancer.

•  Patients with a history of polyps.

•  For patients over the age of 50, a baseline colonoscopy is recommended.

•  Any patient who has undergone colon resection for cancer.

•  Patients experiencing a change in bowel habits.

•  Patients experiencing abdominal pain.

•  Patients experiencing hemorrhoids.

In our Surgical Center compare to number of other Surgical Center we prefer  General Anesthesia , in which case you'll sleep through the entire operation and do not feel any pain.
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