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Buttocks Augmentation. Brazilian Butt Lift

Skill and artistry combine to enhance your natural curves!

A new way to achieve great shape and increase volume!

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Buttock Augmentation for those who desire a more beautiful, rounded, or firmly shaped backside. If you have been overly self-conscious about your derriere, you may be a candidate for buttock augmentation using fat transplantation.

You may choose to undergo buttocks enlargement for a number of reasons:
          • To achieve firmness and definition of buttocks region
          • To obtain a mild buttocks lifting effect

Buttocks Augmentation. Regain Control of your Body!
Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks Augmentation
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Special (this Month)
   What is buttock augmentation?

Buttock augmentation surgery, sometimes referred to as a Brazilian butt lift when fat transfer is involved, uses implants, fat grafting or sometimes a combination of both to increase the size of your buttocks. This procedure can:

  • Increase fullness, roundness and projection of your buttock

  • Improve the balance of your figure

  • Enhance your self-image and self-confidence

Buttock augmentation surgery is right for someone who does not like the shape of their buttock or is looking to balance their body. It is commonly performed in one of two ways, with implants or fat transfer.
The fat transfer procedure is commonly known as a "Brazilian butt lift."

   Buttocks Fat Transplantation:

This method is more natural than the alternative – buttock implants. Fat grafting uses excess fat from other areas of the body, which act as donor sites. The donor sites include the abdomen, hips, back or thighs to add shape to the buttocks. The fat cells are removed with a gentle liposuction technique, and then inserted through small incisions into different layers of the buttocks. With fat transplantation, there is almost no chance of the body rejecting the fat cells. The fat must be placed strategically through tunnels in layers for smooth and natural result.

   The Buttocks Augmentation Procedure:

An important consideration for buttock fat transplantation is the availability of donor sites. In these patients buttock augmentation with fat transplantation is not an option. The amount of fat transferred depends upon your individual goals, and donor site availability. The Buttocks enhancement procedure, usually performed under general anesthesia An additional benefit is that in removing fat from donor sites, the patient also benefits from modified liposuction to those areas.

   How is the buttock area evaluated?

The buttock is comprised of muscle, fat, skin and the underlying bone. The shape and contour is generally dependent on the person's 'framework' or underlying bone structure. But the main volume and definition comes from the fat and it's distribution can determine the difference between an attractive and not-so-attractive buttock.

The buttock area can best be evaluated by dividing it into the upper buttock, mid buttock and lower buttock area.

   The Upper Buttock

Most of the fat is located directly posterior on the buttock, but has enough fullness superiorly to give it a lifted and rounded look on an aesthetic buttock.

If there is more fat in the upper, outer aspect of the buttock or the 'hip roles', the buttock will take on a square look that is considered unattractive.

Liposuction can help improve the contours, but cannot help add volume to areas that are lacking it.

   The Mid Buttock

Some patients may have an indentation in the midsection of the buttock. This is usually subtle and needs to be carefully examined and located. If this area is not addressed during the surgery, we could end up amplifying it after the procedure, because we have just made the buttock larger and given it a rounder appearance.

   The Lower Buttock

This area can be best improved by carefully assessing and determining if the problem is due to excess skin or fat. This will determine if the treatment is liposuction or the removal of the excess skin. In the majority of patients, it is usually to some degree the existence of excess fat. In such cases, conservative liposuction will help improve the area. In rare cases, when the problem is excess skin, it may require the removal of the excess skin.

  In the Silverlake Virgil Surgical Center we accept the following payment:
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards

Are patients outside of the Los Angeles area able to have a consultation and surgery on the next day? We can help you with Travel Arrangement . (For more info click here)

Many of out of town patients have their initial physical exam and consultation immediately prior to scheduled surgery. During this consultation, the doctors will discuss the surgery in full detail.

In our Surgical Center compare to number of other Surgical Center we prefer  General Anesthesia , in which case you'll sleep through the entire operation and do not feel any pain.
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