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Breast Augmentation Surgery at affordable price

Breast Augmentation, Mammaplasty (Implants & Enlargement) how it can make you look and feel good

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In 2017
300,378 women
had breast augmentation surgery.
Breast Augmentation (according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
Breast Augmentation. Regain Control of your Body
Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation
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Special (this Month)
   Breast Augmentation and Enhancement
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Breast Augmentation can enhance appearance and self-esteem. Breasts that are full and natural looking can profoundly impact a woman’s self-confidence. Women, who have undergone this surgical procedure tend to feel more confident leading to improvements in other areas of their lives. Each breast implant or lifting procedure to a woman’s unique and specific anatomy.

The starting point is to schedule a Free Consultation  so we can evaluate your anatomy to give you realistic expectations as to the results we can achieve for you.

Breast Augmentation surgery or augmentation mammoplasty, is the surgical procedure used to increase the volume of the breasts and improve their symmetry by using implants. It is also aimed to restore breast volume lost after weight loss or pregnancy

For many women having Breast Augmentation, the hardest decision to make is what size they want to be.

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If you are one of the millions of women wanting to have breast augmentation you have probably been thinking about it for years.

How long do Breast Implants Surgery last?

Breast Implants can have a long life. So far, there is no way to predict how long any particular implant will last. Complications can occur such as painful scar tissue and ruptures; therefore, women may need to have them removed.

Questions about Breast Augmentation:

Ideal age for breast implants:
As breast tissue can still be developing into the early 20's, breast enlargement surgery is generally recommended for adult women in their mid-twenties and beyond. Advanced age is not a deterrent for undergoing breast augmentation surgery or getting implants, as long as the patient enjoys good general health.

Implant Size
Breast implants come in many different sizes and are measured in cc's (cubic centimeters). An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation can be invaluable in helping patients decide what size of implant will best suit your anatomy. Implants that are too large can result in increased complications and are more likely to need revision surgery in the future.

Implant Shape
There are two basic shapes to breast implants: round and teardrop. Round implants create the most dramatic cleavage, however teardrop implants are considered by many to appear more realistic. Teardrop implants are textured, which helps keep them from slipping or rotating after surgery. Decisions on implant shape are based on how patients want their new breasts to look.

   Breast Implant surgery

Breast Implant surgery is one of the most popular, female cosmetic procedures across America:

  • To enhance breast size through implants
  • To correct any unevenness that exists in terms of breast size
  • To be able to look better in clothes, including brassieres and swimwear
  • To be able to restore pre-childbirth, breast volume that is lost during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and/or fluctuations in body weight
  • To be able to take advantage of the implementation of the very latest in breast implant technology that allows for a more natural look and feel for the client, and
  • To be able to enjoy greater degrees of self-confidence and vitality based on their new looks 

One of the key considerations in completing surgery is the implant selection process. 

   Important Characteristics
  • Size of implant from 100 to 800 cc
  • Shape of implant, including  round, contoured, and tear drop
  • Profile of implant, including low, moderate, high, and moderate plus, and
  • Fill material of the implant, including  saline water and memory gel

The selection of a particular shape of implant is based on the look that the client is seeking to achieve. A client may also want to consider the fill material to be used. Patient feedback tends to indicate that gel implants offer the most realistic feel. It should be noted that gel implants are filled prior to surgery, and therefore require a slightly larger incision for insertion than that required for saline implants. The saline options are available in both smooth and textured shells, and they provide a beautiful shape to the breast due to the use of silicone.

The client decision on the shape and size of the breast implant influences both the treatment options that are recommended as well as the final results. Related surgery is accomplished via the insertion of breast implants, either behind the breast tissue, or under the chest muscles.

The necessary, surgical incisions are strategically placed in the following positions in order to minimize the appearance of any resulting scar tissue:

  • In the underarm region
  • Surrounding the areola
  • Underneath the breast mass
  • Through the naval

The method of implant insertion and positioning depends upon client preferences and surgical recommendations. The surgical procedure is completed in under 2 hours, and facilitates rapid recovery that generally results in minimal bleeding and scarring, and allows a patient to return to work in approximately 3 days.

   A typical initial consultation.

m o d e l

Thousands of women undergo this procedure every year with no major after effects. During this consultation, the changes that you want to make in your appearance will be discussed. Due to the extremely personal nature of this decision, you must ensure that you discuss all of your concerns and desires openly and honestly, including the size that you want your breasts to be.

It is extremely helpful to show the doctor pictures of breast sizes that appeal to you. All your options will be explained to you in detail such as incision types, the location of the implant, the types of implants that are available, and whether or not a breast-lift would be beneficial in your case.

   Let the Measurements Be Your Guide

Measurements are key. The “right size” for you has nothing to do with your cup size… it has to do with body size… more specifically, it has to do with the measurements of your breasts in relation to the rest of your chest and rib cage.

Everyone knows that breast implants look fake and unnatural if they are too big, but what most women don’t realize is that implants that are too small also look fake! The best way to avoid this problem is for your surgeon to take measurements during the consultation and use them to determine an appropriate range of implants to begin choosing from.

Look at Sample Breast Implants

I always show my patients sample breast implants of all different shapes and sizes, and I usually have them place a few sizes in their bra during that visit. This not a very accurate way of choosing a size, but it can certainly point us in the right direction, especially when we consider your measurements at the same time. If your surgeon has sample saline and silicone implants, take the opportunity to feel both of them.

   Implant Options:
  Depending on the look you wish to achieve and your unique physical characteristics you and your doctor will choose from a variety of implant styles, shapes, sizes and textures. Some implants give the breast a more rounded appearance, while others create a breast shaped like a teardrop.
Saline Implants more info
Silicone Implants more info
Mentor Implants more info
Anatomical Implants more info
Round Implants more info
Smooth Implants more info
Textured Implants more info
  Saline implants are the most popular implant option in the United States. The watery sterile saline solution used in breast implants is isotonic (has the same salt concentration as the normal cells of the body and the blood) and presents no health risk to the patient.
  In the Silverlake Virgil Surgical Center we accept the following payment:
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards

Are patients outside of the Los Angeles area able to have a consultation and surgery on the next day? We can help you with Travel Arrangement . (For more info click here)

Many of out of town patients have their initial physical exam and consultation immediately prior to scheduled surgery. During this consultation, the doctors will discuss the surgery in full detail.

  The Procedure itself
m o d e l
The first step in the Breast Augmentation procedure consists of making an incision and lifting the breast tissue. The doctor will then create a pocket in the chest or breast area and then place the implant, which consists of a soft and natural-feeling material, in the pocket.
Incisions can be made in one of several areas such as the crease below the breast, around the areola, under the armpit, and sometimes, although rarely , through the navel. The implant is then placed either under the breast, or under the chest muscle. Decision on the placement is made based on several factors such as the physical anatomy of your breasts, the soreness after surgery, exercise activities ( sports such as weightlifting, tennis, volleyball that directly affect upper body strength) and potential interference with mammograms. The most popularly used implant consists of a silicone rubber sack filled with saline solution, although there are many other kinds available.
   Technique Breast Augmentation Summary
  The under arm incision is one of the most common incision locations and is made under the armpit. Incision patterns vary based on the type of implant, degree of enlargement desired, patient anatomy, and patient and surgeon preference.
  Belly Button
  A small incision is made in the belly button. Through the incision, a slender instrument passes under the skin to a location behind the breast tissue. Next, a tissue expander is inserted and placed under the breast. With the expander, a space is developed to create a pocket for the implant size you requested. The position and size is verified. Then, an empty saline implant is placed in the pocked and filled with sterile saline. The incision is closed with a few absorbable stitches.
  Incisions are made to keep scars as inconspicuous as possible. The nipple (periareolar) incision is one of the most common incision locations and is made under the areola (the pigmented area of skin around the nipple). Incision patterns vary based on the type of implant, degree of enlargement desired, patient anatomy, and patient and surgeon preference.
  Under the Breast
  Incisions are closed with layered, non-removable sutures in the breast tissues. Sutures, skin adhesive or surgical tape are then used to close the skin. While the incision scars typically fade over several months.  
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  Overview of the Breast Augmentation Procedure and Recovery Period.
Anesthesia performed general.
The surgery typically takes 1 or 2 hours to perform.
This is an Outpatient procedure requiring no hospital stay.
Any swelling improves in 3 to 10 days if the implant was placed above the muscle. If the implant was placed under the muscle, swelling may take 3 to 12 weeks to dissipate.
Most patients have no bruising, and those that do experience alleviation within a week.
Bandages are usually removed within 7 days.
Stitches are removed I 5 to 7 days, and some types of stitches may not require removal.
The patient can return to work in 3 to 7 days if the implant was placed above the muscle. If the implant is placed below the muscle, the recommended wait time is 7 to 10 days. If your job requires lifting of any sort, you may want to wait 3 to 4 weeks before returning to work.
An exercise routine can be resumed after 3 or 4 weeks.
* The Information Presented On This Website Is Intended To Be Used For Informational Use Only; It Is Not Intended To Be A Substitute For Professional Advice. If You Are Planning On Having A Procedure Performed Or If There Is Anything You Don't Understand Or Have Questions About Your Procedure, Time, Price Variation Due Patient Comorbidity, Blood Work, Additional Cost for General Anesthesia, Post Surgery Recovery, Combination Of The Different Procedures. Please Consult Our Physician Who Will Be Happy During Your Free Consultation To Go Over In Details With All Your Questions.
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