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Ear Plastic Surgery – Otoplasty

Known as Otoplasty, or “ear pinning” this procedure is used to reposition protruding ears so they lie more closely to the head. Protruding ears, otoplasty, can cause serious emotional problems in the sufferer. The results of otoplasty can be truly gratifying and change the patient’s whole outlook as well as their families.

Normally, natural ear cartilage is sculpted to create more natural curves, in addition to repositioning the ear as a whole. The procedure can be performed in children from age five and in adults.

Ear Surgery – Otoplasty. Regain Control of your Body!
Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery
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   Otoplasty Surgery:

Cosmetic ear surgery is not the most common surgery-otoplasty can make some of the most significant differences in how people live the rest of their lives emotional and with greater self-confidence. They no longer have to believe everyone is only seeing their unusually big or protruding ears!

Most congenital (present at birth) ear malformations occur causing small shape changes in the ear, having the net effect of making ears protrude or stick out from the side of the head. Otoplasty surgery is often not performed until age five or six when they begin to come in constant contact with children their own age, and may become objects of ridicule for being “different” for their protruding ears. Generally, we prefer to perform otoplasty at an age when the child is mature enough to understand that their ear are not like other children's, yet when young enough they haven't yet been subjected to long periods of peer pressure.

However, otoplasty can be done at any age. For very small changes in the ear, especially where just the shape of the top of the ear is involved, otoplasty can be performed without any incisions at all. This form of otoplasty can only be done for patients needs very minor corrections to small portions of the ear.

When both the top section and mid-portion of the ear both protrude, the ear requires a full otoplasty reshaping and repositioning. This otoplasty surgery requires incisions behind the ear and any ear pinning scarring will be well hidden. The cartilage is bent and shaped with sutures and sutured to keep it close to the side of the head. Each ear is carefully compared and designed so that opposing sides make and the final appearance is natural.

   Otoplasty – Post-Op Care:

Following surgery the dressing is left on overnight and the patient returns the following morning to have the dressing changed. Pain Medication is given, when required. An antibiotic is prescribed to take of infection prevention.

Minor spring back of the autoplastic condition may occur is cartilage sparing surgery was used. This is usually very minor and does not significantly change the successful appearance of the otoplasty or “ear pinning”.

Most patients complain that it feels tight in the first few days to weeks after surgery. We like to keep a wrap on day and night, and the patient or the family can change the warp after the first few days, continuing until the doctor recommends the patient wear a simple sweatband for the first week when they are comfortable in the daytime and apply the wrap only at night. This is only to help hold tension from the sutures. It also stops patients from pulling, tugging their playing with their ears while sleeping.

  In the Silverlake Virgil Surgical Center we accept the following payment:
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards

Are patients outside of the Los Angeles area able to have a consultation and surgery on the next day? We can help you with Travel Arrangement . (For more info click here)

Many of out of town patients have their initial physical exam and consultation immediately prior to scheduled surgery. During this consultation, the doctors will discuss the surgery in full detail.

In our Surgical Center compare to number of other Surgical Center we prefer  General Anesthesia , in which case you'll sleep through the entire operation and do not feel any pain.
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